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Treating Sleep Apnea- Solutions for mild
to moderate sleep apnea
as well as for those that
are CPAP intolerant.
For Increased Comfort
and Better Sleep

Losing Sleep?

Serenity Sleep Solutions Can Help!

It may be more than snoring…………Sleep Apnea is a dangerous condition that can affect your health and you may not even know that you or your partner have it!  The good news is that we can help you get back to a peaceful nights sleep.


Your Peace of Mind is Important to Us – What Solution Will Fit Your Needs?



Our Clients Have a Lot to Say!

Great Job

I’m so thankful for KJ & his staff for introducing me to Serenity Sleep. I had seen ads for Serenity Sleep & thought it sounded good, but it wouldn’t help me. Months went by and I made a dental appointment. While I was there KJ told me more about the health benefits of Serenity. I liked what I heard…no sleep study with wires, ina strange place while people monitoring me. I took the study in my own home, in my bed, it was easy! And not complicated at all. KJ & Kayla made it so easy for me. I now sleep better, my husband says I don’t snore anymore and my blood pressure is so much better. I’m more rested & energetic, plus my anxiety is better. Thanks KJ & Kayla for your help! Serenity Sleep was truly a blessing from God!!

- Marty W.

I’m sleeping better than I have in years and I’m not even the one using the device! Since my husband has been wearing the device at night, he no longer snores, stops breathing or makes gurgly noises. I don’t wake from the noise or the worry to check to make sure he is still breathing. Serenity Sleep has definitely improved the quality of my sleep!

- Joeine S

Thanks to Serenity, I now get much more restful nights of sleep and thus more energy during the daytime. Also, I don’t miss being awakened by my wife multiple times each night and being asked to please quit snoring. to my surprise, I have had no issues concerning sleeping with the Serenity Sleep device and little jaw discomfort after wearing the device all night. Thanks for improving my quality of life!!

- Kent S.

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